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New demo artwork on the way!

I’m happy to be working with Hagen Deloss for the first round of environment artwork to be used in our tech demo. This may very well be the artwork you see when we start submitting Keyhole to showcases later in the year.

Here’s a sample of Hagen’s work from his site:


Can’t wait to see what Hagen comes up with. He’ll start with the Early Age (which I really need to find a better name for), and some of the items you’ll find in the first few puzzles. Then we’ll cram all those images into the Unity build and see how it all fits together.

Everyone who preorders the game through the site will get a digital concept art book, including Hagen’s earliest pieces, regardless of what ends up in the final game. I love seeing concept art from video games, and I’m excited to be working on a game that will be big enough to warrant its own concept art book.

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