Explore countless branches in reality
to control the lineage of an entire planet
and unlock the mysteries within

Keyhole is a timeline exploration game where the player's actions affect
the future of the planet and its inhabitants, and every decision can—and
often must—be undone to discover new timelines, new characters, and new stories.

Thirteen ages host a variety of characters and overlapping situations,
all under the shadow of two ominous mountains with a secret trapped inside.


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In Keyhole, the player explores the branching timelines of a planet and its inhabitants. On each day, the player chooses whether to take items from characters, or give items to those who could use them, each decision creating a new branch in the timeline. Every branch in reality can—and often must—be reverted by going back in time and changing past decisions.


  • Fun
  • But also serious


  • Nintendo Switch
  • Less important ones

The team

Design & story: Clifton B
Art: Natalia Zaitseva & Giulia Yamasaki
Concept art: Victoria Joh
Programming: Erin "Saishy" Calmon, Ryan Rothweiler, Judie Thai, Phil Hayes
Game tools: Matt Youell, Callista Taliaferro, Rod Green

Awards & recognition

1. Accepted into Stugan's inaugural 2015 accelerator course
2. Accepted to show at PixelPop Festival 2019 in St Louis
3. There's more coming, I promise

Press & articles

1. I'll add some here. Most of it's in Swedish because of the whole Stugan thing.

Monetization permission

permission granted, yo.